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Assigning social media to your team

You can assign social media and requests to users in your team for action.

Assigning to individual users

  • From your social dashboard you can assign Twitter mentions, posts and DMs
  • You can also assign them from the inbox
  • To assign from your dashboard, click on the pointing finger
  • You will see a pop up box - select the person you want to assign it to and add your comments
  • You are able to add an optional deadline
  • Click on assign

  • The user will receive an email notification and it will also show in their inbox. Read more about the inbox here.
  • Once assigned it will also show on the original post that it was assigned to a user by another user

Assigning to teams

  • You can assign to teams by following the same steps but selecting assign to team
  • Every team member will receive a notification email 
  • The notification will also show up in the team's assignment inbox
  • Once it has been resolved, it will show which user resolved it

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